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With over 35+ years experience, American Restoration is an industry leader in providing exterior building restoration and waterproofing services.
Serving both the commercial and public sectors,  American Restoration has completed over $275 million in restoration projects since its inception.

Headquartered in the Dallas Texas Metroplex and licensed in multiple states, we look forward to being a reliable resource for your building maintenance and remediation needs.
Shown: UPR Plaza - Fort Worth, TX
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Our Services
Explore our range of offerings below and discover how we can transform your vision into a beautifully restored reality.
Our skilled craftsmen and restoration experts work to assess and address issues such as damaged facades, weathered masonry, and delaminated coatings.
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Commercial garage repairs are essential for maintaining the functionality and safety of these crucial spaces. These facilities, often serving as hubs…
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Curtainwall restoration is a specialized and intricate process focused on rejuvenating the exterior envelope of commercial buildings that feature…
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Our team of skilled artisans work diligently to repair and refurbish aging elements, such as ornate facades, intricate woodwork, and vintage fixtures…
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Below-grade waterproofing helps maintain structural integrity, prevents mold growth, and ensures a dry and habitable environment within the building…
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Catastrophic building restoration is a challenging and urgent process undertaken in the aftermath of severe disasters such as earthquakes…
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Our network
Our network is more than just a collection of partners; it’s a vibrant tapestry of experts, artisans, and professionals who share our passion for preserving and restoring architectural treasures.

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